Load Bank Hire

What is Load Bank Testing?

A load bank is a device that is applied to a load from an electrical power source and transforms/dissipates any subsequent power production from the source.

To break it down, load bank testing is a preventative maintenance assessment. It ensures that before our generators are sent out to sites, they are tested to guarantee maximum efficiency. A load bank test gradually increases the percentage of power each generator (or several generators in sync-set formation) uses, until it reaches 100%. This is so that we can understand how the generators are functioning at maximum capacity.

You can use this device to test and replicate lagging power as well. This is important, especially when dealing with synced sets, as it tests how the sets will function if there is not as much power being used at your event as you originally anticipated. This is an eco-friendlier approach to events management as our sync-sets allow you to use only as much energy as you require in the moment.


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