Flying Hire Ltd. has a wide range of generators to hire that are able to meet your individual needs.

Our generators ranges from 6kVA up to 1000kVA as a synced-set. Many of our generators are road-towable, providing easy transportation to and from events. They have a runtime between 3-24 hours, and with the help of our sync-sets, we can provide you with the ability to use only as much energy as you require throughout your event. Our company is committed to phased commercial delivery; a gradual eco-friendlier approach to events management. This way, we can help each other in creating a smaller carbon footprint.

Because Flying Hire Ltd. operates on a rigorous and thorough service and maintenance timetable, our generators are retained to their best versions. After 500 hours of runtime, our specialised engineers conduct a complete service on each generator.

We can deliver and collect your order as well as provide engineers to rig/de-rig, service and/or keep the generator on-site. With our engineers on-site, we will test and check each generator individually before it is used.

Our hire packages for mobile generators are flexible and customizable to your timeframe, fuel and energy needs. These mobile generators are modular in design. Why is this important? This is because it allows us to cater to your events specifications. It enables our engineers to resolve problems, if they ever do arise, and allows us to regularly improve these solutions, leading to more efficiency when growth/demand may occur at your event.

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