Generator Hire

Flying Hire has a wide range of generators to hire that suit any situation. There is a choice of gasoline or diesel generators from 750W up to 100kVA and above, with runtime from 3 to 24 hours. We have a variety of hire generators that are silenced and are road-towable.

By operating on a rigorous service and maintenance timetable, we retain our generators to the greatest norms. After every 350 hours of runtime, our specialized engineers conduct a complete service on each Powerline generator, this is above the industry standard.

We can deliver and receive your order, and you can also use our engineers to rig, service and/or keep the generator on-site. We will also test and check each generator before use when using our engineers to install.

Look no further than Flying Hire for mobile, temporary generator hire customized to your needs. Our mobile generators are modular in design, giving you the voltage and energy, you need. We can provide quick, temporary generator hire as and when you need it.

Our hire packages for mobile generators are flexible and customized to your timeframe, fuel and energy needs, as well as your budget